Wild Hymn {A Home Recording Project}

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Oh, you know that back road path. The one no one wants to talk about, because everyone calls it “lost”, and yet it is your only way. It’s the path that the great writers only hint at between the lines of their greatest works when they just cannot quantify what caused them to arrive where they arrived. 

I don’t know – it’s the space where my soul is growing, where you linger because The leaf just hasn’t unfolded yet. It’s where nothing and no one can find you, and you don’t need to be found. 

“Where lunch will be weeds and heaven’s conversation,”I put it once. 

There, yes, there, I recorded some songs on my old piano in the middle of a random August week. 

To document and declare–I’m alive! The wilderness didn’t kill me. And the wild flowers are vase-worthy.

The great machine did not succeed in telling me I have no voice. Nor did the glamsuaries where songwriters became rockstars. 

Here, I found the slow pace of growth. And everyday miracles. The nutritional value of locusts and honey. Where Jesus delivered the cream for my coffee – not metaphorical cream, but actual cream. 

Where prayer – laden kitchen table conversations produced overnight miracles – over and over and over. For me, yes, but better yet, for those I love.

Jesus is the abundant universe. I roamed the ends of the earth to rediscover Him.

And songs are for sharing. 

My wild hymns.

Unsolicited, unrefined. 

May we reconnect raw spirit to raw spirit and feel the rushing wind of God’s love, independent of the lush rug and lamp set up of today’s worship gurus and preaching goddesses. 

Here in the dirt. Let’s have church.


Wild: 1. (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment.

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{wild hymn journal} Does it really say, “Each one has a hymn?”

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Does it really say, “each one has a hymn…” in 1 Corinthians 14:26

Ok. Let’s get specific here. This verse has been very important to me for a long time, and I hadn’t even connected it to my plan to record these wild hymns until I was deep in the process.

“When you come together, each one has a hymn, a lesson, a revelation, a tongue, or an interpretation. Let all things be done for building up.” 1 Corinthians 14:26

Sitting still for an hour and hearing one man preach is usually how the gift of teaching is expressed in the Body of Christ. Sitting still for an hour and hearing one person (or group) sing is usually have a gift of songs is expressed in the Body of Christ. Sitting still and hearing one man encourage is usually how the gift of encouragement is expressed in the body of Christ. Ok, ok…

The scriptures go on to say that three or four should teach, three or four should speak in tongues…. WHAT?! You think, I’m not ready for all that stuff! Joni, what are you talking about!?

These are some of the defining things that the Lord has impressed upon Zach and I as our definitions of church fellowship continue to grow and change.

The point: In any group setting, many have something to offer. So, ok, maybe yours is not a song, but the essence is there. You have SOMETHING. Logistically not everyone can share, thus a distinction of “Let four or five….”, but it is a beautiful thing when there is space and time devoted to it.

Who allows for this in spiritual gatherings..or even friendly gatherings? The bold or confident people win, and the quiet people lose. I understand why it is hard logistically, but it is an important re-defining that needs to take place.

Just let me encourage you, that even when no one is asking for it, and even when you don’t feel ready…. it’s always the right time to share the good news of Jesus’ redemption in all the forms that Christ’s love is made manifest through our lives.

Half done, half perfect, half ready… Good news is always right on time.

All of these things must be done! That means you.

Give me courage to speak up! To share what I have. To listen with an open heart. To find You in the very people I have rejected or deemed unimportant! All of who You are reaching me through the Body of Christ all around me.

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