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I’m a writer, teacher, song-writer, rooftop shouter. Mom of three babes and wife to musician, Zach.

Since I was young, my spirit launched with these words:  “What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” Matthew 10:27. It has been a touchstone ever since.

I’m the all-american girl who veered off the path into the dusty backroads… and wants to tell you all about it.

My life changed drastically in my early 20s when {after a spiritual–>physical meltdown}  I discovered that the Jesus I had grown up ‘trying’ to ‘please’ had already accomplished and offered me a wonderful indwelled life in exchange for the external religious life I was failing to keep step with. It was a long spiritual wrestling match which I lost to chronic fatigue syndrome in my early 20s.

Artistically compelled to share these things with others as a coffeehouse singer-writer hashing all of this out in music, I self-published the story of that transformation in an independent CD  “In the Dark” with the Joni Nichols Band with its sister-collection of writings and poems, “Sheer drapes on my Windows.” They (along with my home recordings) chronicle (and thankfully conclude) that era. (What’s with the Drapes?)

In the Dark, independent studio album
“Sheer Drapes on my Windows” — a collection of poetry

Life began again for me and I began teaching high school as my ‘day job’ and soon married Zach (my husband).  We began doing music together and took those songs into the indie music scene backroads from West Texas, to Los Angeles, and Nasvhille with  enough  feedback to make us think we weren’t crazy.

It was later  re-published by a group of fans from Germany as In the Dark, Special German Edition, Remastered.



But especially when the children came, we settled here outside of Nashville to raise a family where I am blessed to be a stay-at-home-mom {a role I used to make fun of privately}. Here, my love of education has been put to the test now with on my own school-age children at home, I am loving every hard minute of it–discovering classical methods and the joy of educating (mostly) at home with the help of Classical Conversations.

Over the years may of my sites have morphed and changed. A stint of daily blogging sharpened me to move beyond my self-fulfilling purposes, as I began a series of my lessons learned in an adventurous decade of music and ministry {Making Ministry out of Molehills} which closes out an era and that blog as we knew it.

Moving forward, I’ve consolidated things I’ve been working on for the past several years together here via  a music roomschool room, and my ongoing blog of stories on the intersection of life and faith.

In 2010, we recorded more  tracks with the original Joni Nichols Band; however, they are still unfinished in the distance relationship between Dolf and Jonathan in Texas and Zach and Joni in Tennesee!

But I am hoping to make a piano/vocal collection of songs soon!

Yes, this IS my nutshell. (I don’t brainstorm on purpose….I just try to survive them.)

I pray my posts intersect your life in meaningful ways.


I am excited to be sharing with you posts in these categories:

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  • confronting my “live-in-a-box-for Jesus” mentality of my youth in the not-so-peaceful transition into wife and mother of 3
  • my  scary journey of faith transitioning from working mom to stay-at-home mom through which I saw Gods faithfulness even when I failed to receive it
  • my testimony of surviving the crash of Old Covenant Despair into New Covenant Hope–details which were life-and-death for me when my world melted down in a year-long spiritual wrestling match which I ‘d lost to chronic fatigue syndrome. It is the life-changing  foundations of understanding the good news gospel of Jesus.
  • my transition into knowing God as our Healer… from Cessasionist (thinking we can’t really expect miracles anymore). My own mother died of brain cancer when I was still in my 20s. So what I have discovered about healing is a powerful topic for me,
  • the discovery of experiencing redemption, not just in words and theory but in power and reality–through that inch of difference between wishing and believing.
  • the journey of deciding to move from educating other people’s children as a high school teacher of ten years to home-educating my own
  • how we stayed married through the years of the deadlock disaster of the loud unsubmissive woman and the quiet submissive man.
  • why I think everyone should have a blog! Even if it just has 3 posts and is left alone!

“I keep Sheer Drapes on My Windows; it seems I cannot decide whether they reveal or obscure.”–Ruth Simons, artist and creator of GraceLaced

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