From High School Teacher to Homeschooling Mom (My Story on

I totally bought a t-shirt and little white iron-on letters to create my very own HOMESCHOOLER tshirt to post superman style <see it…. open the jacket…wait for it…. boom.> The inspiration passed, but the idea still makes me laugh. I never ever thought I would homeschool my children.  Not only did I teach public school; my whole family did (almost!) And I had a great experience IN public school, so I was not the typical person hoping to shelter my children from the horrors of public school.

If it freaks you out, I get it. I used to feel the same.

Home-schooling is not what it used to be. I had many misconceptions about it, but the typical homeschooler today is very different than the forerunners of our parents’ generation who had to blaze quite a trail with few resources.

I shared my personal story today via and I hope it can be an encouragement or just something of interest.  Read or share the story here.

If you are grappling with some of the pieces of the home school decision yourself, you can browse some past posts of mine on this topic here  and/or follow more of the educator part of my life in the school room where I’ve been sharing materials to help parents spend time with their kids in The Most Important Book in the House.

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