“Comfort” {All Days Sacred: Wild Hymn II} Journal, Prayer, and Songbook


It comes in different times and different ways–when you are able to let it all go and realize that having God’s love just as you are is THE treasure of life. Someday I’d like to capture it in a picture like this: a yard stick floating in a tub with a few rubber duckies. Measuring how quickly it moves from one side to the other when the measuring itself is floating in the same impracticality of grace.What are we doing?

Sure, let’s learn respect and boundaries. Let’s untangle unhealthy coping patterns and let’s heal, but then …. oh, thee we go….. now our identity is in how healed we are. When we discover another area of weakness, we get afraid again that we are behind, losing. We are bound in the pressure to stay postured, primped, primed, pumped. Gotta keep on that bandwagon, that gym membership, that program. Micromanaging our health down to the Irish butter. We don’t have the energy for all of that. Where do we find more when it’s all just too much to manage on our own. Our friends are tapped out. Our partners are weary from helping us hobble along. I crave the comfort of collapsing into the arms of God just as I am, knowing that it’s going to be okay. But how!? Wait. Why? Really?

Why did He die to exchange His life for yours? The fountain of provision, healing ready for you to take as much as you need.

Falling from grace doesn’t mean you have started sinning again–WHAT?!!! I was dead in my sin! I couldn’t escape sin! It was who I was! I was pulled out of that grave, given a new way of life, a new heart, a free, forgiven way of life! Falling from grace means YOU FORGOT IT WAS FREE! You started striving, thinking you were measuring up or maintaining your forgiven status?

It’s all free.

If it’s all free–

then the only missing piece is

will I receive it

Will I believe it?

So it’s by God’s grace.

And by our faith.

“By grace through faith,” the scripture says.

“What is the work that I must do,” the man asked Jesus. “To believe” he answered.

So if there’s something off, something missing, you aren’t going to get it by digging in, by working harder.

Understand more.

Believe more.

Y’all I’m starting to get that burning feeling in my chest now. My insides start churning.

I don’t have to go to church if I don’t want to. (It benefits me to connect to the Body) but I am not obligated.

I don’t have to measure up.

I don’t have to earn forgiveness.

I don’t have to prove significance.

We walk around in a recalibrating stupor, letting our cells heal from the pressure of those lies sometimes. I remember a particular Lubbock apartment. I swear I was in a daze one week as I realized, I don’t owe anyone anything, and I am perfectly pleasing to God. A week later and I was dancing like a crazy person in my room–my physical body responding to this newfound freedom. (Yeah, why am I telling you that?!)

It’s not like age just automatically matures you, but when you keep encountering the good news of God’s abudandant love, it is real comfort to the bones. I wish it could come through a sermon or a book or a conversation with a friend. Only the holy spirit divides bone and marrow and get up into our business on that cellular level to bring true restoration and change. Getting out of the rut. Getting out of that vortex of depression. Breaking that addiction. All of it is in God’s love. He has a way, a wisdom, a way of saying it to you. A way of getting through to you. You will get it. Seek him for the everything. You will find it.

It’s for you.

I wrote this song in a breath. All at once. I grabbed my phone and recorded it. I could never remember the changes. Never could commit it to memory. It was a moment. So right before we recorded it, I had to grab my phone to remember how to navigate the lanes of thought. Like flames shooting up in response to the elements needed to launch a praise.

Floating in the tub freely, bouncing off the measuring stick with joy. Letting others stress and strain while I grow in praise.

Lyrics to “Comfort”

The comfort is all mine. The comfort is all mine.

It’s free.

That I would work so hard for what is free?!

How could I attain what You have done. Did it all for me!

How could I fall so far, thinking what was mine was mine to earn.

You have freely given it all to me!

The comfort is all mine!

The comfort is all mine!

Pray With Me Out Loud!

Lord, what am I doing? Why am I considering my level by comparison to anyone or anything?! If you say that You give me what I need, then I ask you for what I need for me right now. Not what I should need, not what I wish I needed, not what other people need, what I need. For the answer I need, I will ask you specifically for it and trust that it is in You and You are not holding back on me. You will give the answer! For the provision I need, I ask you specifically for it and trust that it is in you and You are not holding back on me! I will have my provision! For the healing I need, I ask you specifically for it and trust that it is in You and You are not holding back on me! You are my comfort! You are my everything! My life is changed by the gospel right now today because I believe it. You exchanged your life for mine. Your everything for the brokenness that You filled with Yourself at Calvary when you made my Your child and brought me into Your home, your refrigerator, your wallet, your bedroom, your closet. I can walk into You and receive what I need in You. You have comforted me down to the cells in my toes. I praise You because……. there is no other response!

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