“Go Deep (Don’t go alone)” {All Days Sacred: Wild Hymn II} Journal, Prayer, and Songbook

“Don’t Go Alone”

I tried it. I thought, how can I compile these “songs of the moment” for this project and not allow for there to be a song of the moment during the recording process.  I mean, I’m pushing against the pattern of the air tight hit worship song here, so just go with it, ok?  Could I on the day of recording, the week of recording, just invite a fresh expression in.

This is what came out.

Those opening notes are like a wind chime. Hmmmm.   Close enough! And why not?

What a nutshell this song is of an era. I  could call its essence, “Two Paradigm Shifts that Changed My Life” in my 30s, but let’s be poetic. Er, ok, nevermind. It is what it is. Let’s get nerdy.

Yes, I’m like everyone, loving the Enneagram these days, and I’ve learned a ton from the Myer’s Briggs test and, definitely, the Arno profile straight up saved my marriage a time or two, bit it was the DISC profile that really altered my course personally.  So yeah, call it being a personality test junkie, and yes, let’s consider, they are maybe all just watered down PRACTICAL applications of the lists of spiritual gifts in scripture.

Until this point, I’d  always “used” these tests/tools to understand myself and others in selfish ways of course. Until  the DISC profile.  Something about its simplicity and big picture integration.  I didn’t see this before–that any team will die if all 4 personalities are not present.  It was humbling, and it was the advice I needed there at my late 30s during a time when I felt that all my goals had come to nothing.

To take that advice to heart, though, meant to start over. It was quite painful to break that shell of disappointment and self-protection (and denial!)  To invite people in. To be a team player. See, that’s complicated? I’m not a team player. I am the D in in DISC. The dominant one who says, “I don’t know what you are doing…but I’m moving forward. I don’t need you.  If you won’t go with me; I’ll just have to go it alone.

This didn’t launch me forward. (It did short term, I suppose.)

I was never going to grow into the things I saw in my heart if I could not learn to work on a team and accept the help of others.

This truth had to come slowly. It haunted me and blessed me at the same time. It was one of the ways the Lord convinced me to join a church again and to step out to follow His prompting to lead worship, and to stick it out when leading worship was not as easy as I thought it should be.   I would have quit in a heartbeat before. Or frankly, shied away from the teamwork of it to start with.

Have you ever looked into it?

Sure, the D may be bossy at times, but keeps their eye on the bottom line and is willing to cut corners when needed to get the job done on time. That’s me.

The I is someone who brings fresh blood into a team. They aren’t always clued in to the bottom line, the timelines, and maybe they don’t need to be a project manager, but they know who to call for help. They keep communication flowing into and out of a group, keeping it connected to the real world so that it will not grow stagnant.

The S is the loyal glue who holds the relationships of a group together, sensitive to the push and pull within a team, wanting everyone to get along so that you can see it all through. Sure they aren’t the intense task-focused heroes of the group, but they keep the understanding and love flowing throughout the group. They are the stress barometers alerting you to what will tear the team apart.

The  Cs are the conscientious one who stand back and see the missing details that threaten to cause the whole thing to fall off the rails in 10 years.  They can zero in on what is unsustainable. They may come off as critical, but their advice will save you trouble, keep you out of court and keep the foundation strong for the long haul.

This changed me.  I was going to have to let people into my process, ask for advice. Ask the Joni Nichols Band members if they say this had anything to do with our teamwork troubles. I assume it did! And ouch.

Go deep, but don’t go alone. 

Today I work in  organization and have the opportunity to set up feedback surveys and invite people into conversations early in the process so that everyone’s voice can be heard. Then we all have a chance to sleep on it and breathe and revisit things.  Long before decisions need to be made.  Then once we launch the plan, watch out. That baby is gonna work!

Go deep, but don’t go alone. 

“But all I need is me and Jesus, right?” Well, that is a legitimate way of thinking, especially when you discover Colossians 1 and 2–passages that pulled me out of a sick bed in my 20s, that the fullness of God lives in you bodily. This is intoxicating! But you can really get hardened into this isolating way of thinking: I HAVE EVERYTHING I NEED! IT’S ALL IN CHRIST IN ME. I don’t need anybody else!

Well, yes…and no. Yes, you can speak to a mountain and it will move. Yes, you can lay hands on the sick and they will recover. Yes, you can ask of the Lord and He will answer. But what about the answers that He sends through His body on the earth.

Popping the Jesus Bubble means widening your definitions and embracing the meaning of the collective, plural “you” in this isolated scripture. The fullness of Christ dwells in You. Over and over again, I began to discover that the answer that I needed in a crisis came from that weird girl or that strange person that this new acquaintance just told me to call.  In the rubble of disaster, I would pray, and He would nudge me, “Remember when Rick told you to call his father in law.” Well, I started making the phone calls. And you know what I discovered: answers!  This story happened to me ove and over over. He is faithful! I am slow to learn but He is faithful! God always comes through. He is faithful when we are faithless!  In the middle of failure, he showed me over and over.   Confusing stories, confusing memories. He began to sort them out for me one by one. (I’d love to compile them someday in a book called “Popping the Jesus Bubble” or something!)

His answers don’t fall from the sky. They are in  His body, reaching toward me as much as I can comprehend it!


Lord, help us!

I am still learning to slow down, to look around and value the different gifts, strengths, and opinions around me.

To go deep, but …not alone.

Pray With Me Out Loud!

Lord, I praise you and thank you that every mountain you have told me to move or climb, if I’m willing, I can move or climb.  Every vision you have placed in my heart for the future will, if i’m willing, come to pass as You say it will to the degree that I can trust your provision and walk in it. You are my provider in every case for every need. Open my eyes and ears and my heart to comprehend that every needed detail has been provided. If I don’t see it, it is not because it isn’t there.  Show me  the answers you sent that I didn’t pick up on. You are faithful. Go back and answer those dead ends I left behind.  You not only give the truth, you can’t not reveal truth when we ask for it, because it is WHO YOU ARE. Thank you for reaching out to me through Your Body! You are faithful. Help me to see them for what they have to give me through you and give me boldness to give back to them.

Lyrics to “Don’t Go Alone”

I found myself on the open road along with all the things that I don’t know.

I reach to You with my entire soul.

You reach for me with Your whole Body though.

I find myself on the open road along with all the things that I don’t know.

I reach to You with my entire soul.

You answer me with Your whole body though.

“Go deep, but don’t go alone.”

You said, “Go deep, but don’t go alone.”

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