Encouraged in a crisis of double vision: when what we see and what we hope for are black and white opposites.

I woke up earlier than normal that day, heavy-hearted about horizons that didn’t line up with what I thought was coming. Life. Details. Promises. 20140714-125018.jpg

I sat in my living room floor and wondered what my options were. Give up or thank God that his promises are still SURE no matter what I see?

Appreciation for the present and hope for the future don’t always mix well inside the same heart. Like two lenses on two different eyes. And what do you do with that terrible clash?! When you can’t see straight, you can’t walk straight!

Through tears I recounted all the times God has taken care of us beyond what we deserved and it gave me hope to believe the things for which he has urged us onward. I have no choice but to call the future as He calls it. To make my heart say what He says.

But the clash. And feeling alone in the clash……

Then I remembered, Carla sent this to me the day before. I sat down to read it, assuming it was on an unrelated topic. But like a perfect balm to my soul, it strengthened me. It is her post about escaping the present troubling circumstances or facing them and– even though they look like death– continuing to believe what God told you about the future.


Thank you God and thank you Carla.

I thought I would share this encouragement for those of you, too, who may need it.

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