Like always, every few years I get weird and antsy about how the music and non-music compartments of my life mesh and collide. I recently changed my blog from “Sheer Drapes on My Windows” to ..”Joni’s Blog” as I prepared to do something different. And here it has begun. I am re-vamping again and letting joninichols.net be my ‘blog’ site…. and joninicholsmusic.com will become my music place. Sounds fair enough. (And for my old fans, joninicholsband.com will still direct to the music site.)  And…  dare I mention that we will probably release a Zach and Joni album and …um….  probably link a zachandjoni.com.  Kinda ridiculous. Kinda awesome. I can’t tell….the forest and the trees thing. But it is what it is.

Things are still not linked. Not all posts have transferred, and I am going to integrate a few other things that I have not had in one place here.  So the structure is not all in place.

This site is so ‘busy’ looking….but I am telling you when I saw it, it felt like my brain! I thought….’Ah, I found a home…. this can adequately handle all the stuff I got going on….in my brain!” Something about it. I like it. For now.  In a few years, who’s  to say? 🙂

Oh, and that’s a random cherry tree by where I live.

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