Just when you thought the E-Mail List was DEAD!

Many of us got started  in the days before MySpace, before Facebook, before YouTube!!!!! WHAT??! Yes. It was the era of the e-mail list.

But I haven’t known what to do with my old email lists…for years!  I’m not the same as I used to be…. and … who wants an email from something they didn’t originally “sign up” for.

And nowadays, people don’t even email each other, really, right? They “facebook” (verb, transitive); they text; they avoid and bail–yes, that, too.

But I’ve been harshly awakened to the value of those lists, in the past few years, however. Stay with me if this seems too blunt at first.  (I’ll get tender.)

{My examples involve music…but this can be applied to whatever service or idea or ministry you have.}

Suddenly a TERRIBLE THING BEGAN TO HAPPEN to me ….as a “FAN.” A REAL FAN, a get-in-your-face-and-give-you-a-private-pep-rally-fan. I began finding out that some of my friends of whom I had been fans for years were releasing albums that I didn’t even know about. Like…. uh… I’m on your mailing list. I am your “friend” on facebook…. oh, are you  on instagram?   But… like HOW IN THE HE&& DID I NOT KNOW YOUR ALBUM CAME OUT!? Old friends and new friends alike.  Big and small potatoes.

I swear this happened to me like six times in a 2 year span.

Oh, because it scrolled past my facebook feed while I was loading the dishwasher one day? And you thought I'd be going to your fan page every week for 2 years to check to see if you "had anything going on?

It literally broke my heart. Over. And Over.

It happened with individuals, with bands…with…. amazing artists whose music I had been waiting on for years…knowing it would soon trickle out somehow.

Then I began finding videos…. because they assumed I’d wake up thinking about them and google them and see if they had any videos up …. and you know, …maybe I did….ONCE… or maybe twice…but over the years after a few “no shows,” guess what–NEWS FLASH!–I GAVE UP! But that doesn’t mean I’m not a BIG FAN! It just means I don’t have time to chase down the things that I love.

I need them in my inbox. 🙂

An email saying, “It’s here,” would have been an easy fix.

(And yes! I realized that what was happening to them was also happening to me. I had been doing the same things to my “fans”!)

We had forgotten about the ever-trusty..EMAIL LIST. Now the problem with email lists is that people change emails… BUT GEEEEZZZZ THE LEAST WE CAN DO IS TRY, RIGHT?

I did a little research. Is the email list truly dead?


The point: if a real fan like me didn’t know the music was out…. then how did they expect to… (I’ll stop there, because I’ve already re-collapsed on the floor just thinking about it.)

Come on, friends. We need email lists back up and running again. Until there’s a better replacement. And if it is..please tell me…so I can … tell all my friends 😉

What, with the bazillion spam emails we get every day from SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES…you’d think I would have not had to be jolted into a blog like this…. MAKE YOUR MAILING LIST… dust off the old addresses.

Now to be tender.

As I realized all of this, it suddenly hit me. An email list is not a dorky little hairy tangled clipboard mess. Those are little letters which are an address to precious soul that God has brought into your sphere of influence.  They are people with lives and concerns and problems and heartaches and joys.

They are the people who you have to touch….



And stop thinking of them as ‘fans’….and remember they are souls who are thirsty for a kind of encouragement that you give which is unique to you, and, so, unique in their world.

Not everyone likes what I have to offer,…. but they might!? And if they’re still on that clipboard, there’s probably a reason they got there.

…so…ahem…um….yeah….you can probably expect an email from me soon. 😉

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