Just Say “LET ME GO!”

Pharoah, Pharoah, Oh whoa, let my people go!— remember the song from your childhood visit to the local Vacation Bible School (referring to Moses who went to Pharoah and simply  told him to release the Israelites who were slaves of the Egyptians.)

What kind of leader goes to another leader and just says, “Let us go.” What kind of tactic is that? ‘Let’s not fight. Let’s not put my skill against your skill. Let’s not reason. Just let me go, ok?’ That puts great generals and their scheming to shame!

On what basis? Uh, like, ….why? Why would your requesting to be let go just simply cause a ruler who has a grip on you …. to let you go.

That’s what God told Moses to do.

And like many things in the old covenant, it is a shadow of Christ to come, a picture of the gospel.

What kind of minister spends all night in a mental ward with his hands on a person’s head saying, “Let him go,” until the man is completely delivered from his insanity.

What kind of wife looks her husband in the face in his drunken rage and declares, “Satan, let him go,” only to see her husband drop on the floor, weeping, completely free, delivered from the grip of the darkness of addiction which was destroying him and his family.

What kind of friend would look his friend in the eye and say, “Get behind me, Satan”?  (which Jesus did.)

What kind of preacher tells a man to declare the truth that Jesus delivered him from smoking (on the cross) even as his circumstance declares that he is not free….meaning…even as he is smoking a cigarette…. until 2 weeks later, the man is FREE! Setting his mind on Jesus’ factual/finished power over sin and death rather than his own will-power, works of the flesh?

What kind of person tells a cancer to leave in Jesus’ name. Just like that, as if this thing would listen and agree until the sickness is gone?

It’s the person who knows that the power has NOTHING to do with their persuasiveness, their power, or their doing, their deserving, their planning.  It is all about God’s Decisions, His Word, His Promises, which have been made known and complete by Jesus.


HE REMOVED SIN. (Psalm 103:12)

HE SETTLED ACCOUNTS WITH THE DEVIL and what is owed, by fulfilling the Law on our behalf.


Past tense.

All we do is say then, “Let me go.”

God intends my freedom, schemed it, prepared it in advance, declared it, so I will simply allow myself to receive this grace by faith, rejoicing, “THEN LET ME GO!” And then GO. The Word of God backs you up. Everything in the world must obey God’s Word. Whatever looks like it’s got you in its grip is lying to you. Because Jesus broke its power over you. (You didn’t, and you can’t. No amount of willpower, dedication, commitment, or desire will free you. It’s why God sent Jesus for you.)

John 10:10 says, “The accuser comes only to steal, kill, and destroy”–to bring shame and condemnation, accusing us and taunting us with punishment for sin that Jesus already bore, sickness Jesus already bore. Lying to us about everything in our lives for one purpose… He comes only to steal. But we silence a liar with a word: No.

We say, “I am free! Praise God! Thoughts, lies, emotions, leave! Let me go.”

It is not prideful. It is actually the humble act of the recipient to resist the liar who would try to convince you that God’s Word is not true.

“Resist the devil and he will flee.” (James 4:7)

He will flee.

“Get behind me.” Matthew 16:23

“Leave me alone.”

Let me go!!

“But this thing is immovable.  It’s stuck. It’s a stronghold!”

No it isn’t.

If it’s contrary to the Word of God, then it can be moved, no matter what it looks like.

“Let God be true and every man a liar.”

Your adversary is a LIAR.  You displace him with the truth.

Our spiritual authority of Christ in us has equipped us with “mighty weapons” to “TEAR DOWN” EVERY thought that holds itself above the Word of God.  (2 Corinthians 10:4-6) We tear it down. We move it.  LET ME GO.  MOVE.

Even if you get resistance, you stand firm on the evil day (Ephesians 6), and you RESIST back toward what is RESISTING you. There would be no need for God’s Word to call it “resistance” if there was no pressure.

God’s deliverance for Israel came through the ambassador, the man, Moses, who declared in the face of the ruler of his world, (and the bible calls “the ruler of this world” Satan) “LET MY PEOPLE GO!”

How could it be that easy?!

It is.

How did Jesus heal or cast out spirits? With a word!

We only do what He did. In His name. Because of Him. For His Glory!

Set the captives free.

Start with yourself.

He set you free.

Be free.

Refuse to be kept in bondage to a lie.

So that then you can set other captives free.

“LET MY FRIEND GO!” (I John 5:16)


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