“Now I know You” {All Days Sacred: Wild Hymn II} Journal, Prayer, and Songbook

“Now I Know You”

We are always reaching forward and reaching back. It’s hard to be content with so many past memories and future what ifs. Meditative worship lets us stand still and say for this moment: “If it was true then…. if it is going to be true in the future, and it is true now, today.”

Stopping the daily flow to let in the intimacy of God today.

When I sat down this day and the words and melodies of this song came, I could feel the “today-ness,” the immediacy. Like a deep breath that I needed. To stop and savor.

For me, “knowing God” means reflecting on that inch of difference between wishing and believing which changed my life in the last ten years.

People read the scriptures and think, “I wish that was true; I want that to be true of me, for me; I hope that this will happen; I pray that my life will someday show that or that I will experience that someday.” But if you take the Word and say, “Thank you God that You ARE (doing this on my behalf for your glory),” I tell you, miracles will abound.

For example, since God’s Word says He will provide every need for every good work, and Provider is His name, then if we are not experiencing it, it doesn’t mean that He is holding out. It means that He has provided and we must stand firm in believing it and not be convinced otherwise. He will never not provide.  We just give up.

This is the crossing over into, “I Know You.”

Intimacy with God increases our capacity to interpret how to apply the Word, leading us to experience it in this realm. Grasping that inch of difference between hoping and believing, we begin to believe: if the Word says I can tell the mountain to move and it will, then I will.

I did, and it did.

If the Word says, lay hands on the sick and they shall recover, then I will.

I did, and they did.

What the Word says IS true for you now.

Well, if it was that easy, everyone would be provided for, healed, etc. So what then? Wen the Word goes in, immediately, Jesus says (in the master parable–the parable of the sower), the adversary will come try to stir up the dust to get it out. So sometimes there is a kind of spiritual reaction when you decide to stand on the Word of God. Not only is this normal and expected, Jesus describes this as one important aspect in understanding all of his other parables.

That’s pretty major.

This is how an unwavering commitment to the Word helps you overcome–because you are able to say, “I don’t care WHAT trouble comes, I will still say what God says. It is still happening even if I don’t see it now.” And let’s get a little crazy here– “Even if I NEVER SEE IT.”

I don’t know you if you can understand how fundamentally life changing this can be. If I fall down the rabbit hole of examples, I will never come out.

I had seen God’s miraculous provision plenty of times before I got ahold of this understanding, but they always felt like WOW moments, not like expected peaceful moments.  If you have followed my blog over years, you know some of them. And if you read my first Wild Hymn Journal , I tell several more.  But when I began to pray with expectation. Whoa Nelly! I have been criticized, misunderstand and misjudged, but it is ok by me! They got their miracle, didn’t they?! WOO HOOOO! Worth the relational pain!

Most of us know the Jesus-in-the-boat-during-the-storm story. “Wake up, we gonna DIE, Jesus!” He didn’t say, “Don’t worry, guys. I’m here. I got this.”  He rebuked them for their lack of faith and told the storm to be still. Later he told them they would do greater things IN HIS NAME.  In other words, Jesus was thinking, “I’m not going to BE HERE WITH YOU IN EVERY STORM!” I am going to be seated in heaven with the father. YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO SPEAK TO THE WAVES IN MY NAME, like I just did.

Wait. You mean, I am going to look at a wave and say, “Storm be still.” Yes, Joni. You are.  At first in your bathroom where no one will call you crazy and look at you funny. And then in your living room with Zach when your kids are too young to understand.   Then it becomes a way of life.

On a particular night, two friends were over and I had really been praying about how to help them see God as in their corner. They were really struggling with life, and I knew they didn’t have any kind of vibrant relationship or connection to all that God wanted to give them.  The conversation led to the topic and they were wide eyed and as we allowed healing to be an external picture of the beautiful gift of internal salvation. We prayed for his excema to go away and the pain, redness and puffiness went away right before our eyes, and even as they got a miraculous lifesaving phone call and job offer in the following days and gave God all the glory, they told me it made them uncomfortable that I prayed with such authority as if I knew God’s answer already.  “We don’t tell God what to do.”  I know, I said.  I spoke to the waves (metaphorically) in HIS NAME.  I did what he would have done.  WOWZERS!

Pray with me out loud!

Thank You, God! Your WORDS are true for me right now! What you have said in your Word is true for me right now! Show me what you want me to see! Open my eyes and let me believe what You have said! Let me respond in faith to your great grace! If Your Word declares that You have given it to me, then I will agree with Your Word and pray expectantly and know that nothing can take it away from me. Only a liar could try to convince me it is not mine. I don’t care what trouble comes, I will continue to believe Your truth over that lie.  WHAT A WONDERFUL life you have given me to be able to continue to experience Your goodness!

Lyrics to “Now I Know You”:

You loved me through the years of growing up and getting older

Now I know you. 

You loved me all the times when I seemed to never care.

You loved me through it all. I can’t remember all the ways. 

Now I love you. 

Alleluia to the one who loved me, loves me still. 

Alleluia to the one who loved me, loves me still.

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