Seeing Ourselves with the Right Backdrop

It’s easy to get in a funk, I’d say. Our lives are changing year by year.  We have seasons just like life, and new growth comes at the price of perfection.

We get angry at others when our choices don’t look favorable on the backdrop of their choices. (If the world would stand still, the whole world could see I’m moving!)  The pace of their lives blurs the meaning of our movements.

Screenwriters know they have to use extremes to get a point to come out. (For something to shine, it must be dark beneath.) In literature, we learn about how foil characters contrast the main guy to make his nuances pop.

So we’re not crazy to get sucked into this game, but we can’t win it.

Our God-spark will shine in the flow because it’s FOR others.

All of us are moving imperfectly upon the backdrop of God’s grace.

We feel thwarted and start blaming the wrong thing because we’re breathing in our environment, using other people’s responses as the marks on the barometer of our satisfaction

Our lungs start to collapse. We end up reacting and…. acting.

It takes faith just to show up in your own life first.  To believe that who we are has been deemed sufficient by God through God’s offer of himself in us.

If we give ourselves the grace to be imperfect, we must give it to others also.

For me, I feel this happen every time life gives me a new learning curve and I get scared.

Scared that I’m not far enough along. Scared that life is passing me by. Scared that I’m not going to get it.

It never strikes me with these thoughts at first….because I’m too busy being angry…

It’s like my old post Proud of My Ugly when my mother tried to help me understand that by rejecting ‘fancy clothes’ I was guilty of the same thing–putting my identity in what I WASN’T wearing.

It is hard to widen the context of our lives, but we have to! Look how far you’ve come! Look at where you’re headed! Look at who you are blessed to be connected to RIGHT NOW!

With the backdrop of God’s grace, we find that everything can move perfectly into place. Today is the day of the encouraging word. Today is the day of seeing his salvation from the pits calling our (and others’) name(s).

To trust what He says about me, I must block out every other voice, every character and prop in what might look like a set-up for my success or failure, and trust that His glory flows through my life in my lifetime in just the way He has created me to move through His world. It’s a setting we can trust. A place to breathe and enjoy. His grace.

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