Sheer Drapes on My Windows

“I keep sheer drapes on my windows. It seems I cannot decide whether they reveal or obscure.” –Ruth Simons, artist and creator of Gracelaced


All of us walk a fine line as we decide what to reveal what to hide.  We want to be known, yet we know we must be protected.  We know we must share, but we must be careful.  No pearls to swine; no wasted breath.  No useless boasting; no pompous fluff. But then we sideline ourselves and wither in self-criticism which we then super-impose on others who ARE sharing. (We’d rather share nothing than be criticized for over-sharing.  We’d rather sit in a corner than face the possibility of being misread, misheard, misinterpreted, mistaken for arrogant.) We push through, however, when we see that eventually we must take a turn, a stab at it in this conversation.  For better or worse, we have an instrument to play in the orchestra.  The sooner we start squeaking something out, the better.

Because Ruth’s “Drapes” represent so accurately  my own dilemma as a writer,  and because she is a friend whose words I am delighted to borrow and share, “Sheer Drapes on My Windows”  was the title of my first published book of poetry. Later, my music became published under this as its separate, official name for bookkeeping, tax purposes.  Now as my passion has grown for helping others I continue to grow as a self-publisher and self-publishing consultant.


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