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Many of you know that I am an ex-high school and middle school English teacher from a family of public school teachers. I LOVE to talk education! I came home to be with my babies, never thinking I would homeschool. But after transitioning into that decision (read that story here), my love of education moves in these three directions which I  use this space for.

1.My JH and HS English Materials I  love sharing materials with former colleagues and ex-students now teaching  in public education.

2. Home Schooling  3 years ago, I joined the conversation on using Classical tools to ease modern educational burdens–for homeschooling and public- schooling parents. I have been diving into the classical model with Classical Conversations.  I also use My Father’s World (for early reading/math and supplemental books, and yes, some Abeka and some Rod and Staff and Veritas Press? Think I’m crazy. I’m not. It’s all just engineering, right?

 Can you do both MFW and CC??  I do. I found no one else talking about this on the web, so I have incorporated this topic as well. 

Here are posts on WHY and HOW I do MFW and CC. (Kindergarten, 1st Grade, and 2nd and 3rd.)

3.Educational Engineering is a concept that has saved me both in public school and in homeschooling. I have written about it here, but hope to be able to give a peek inside what I mean soon on my youtube channel. 

The Most Important Book in the House. My latest obsession is working through the logistics of making the teaching of scripture the most important subject in the house. (Why can I find 20 minutes a day for math, but not that.) Kids need to understand the scriptures so that they’re not pulled into a bondage that Christ has set them free from. I started writing songs to large and small chunks of scripture and made a plan.  I thought I would share it here with you if it helps to inspire you or helps you to do the work of teaching your kids the scriptures. See what I have so far here. If you want to be kept in the loop about

To follow these topics

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