Can You Do CC (Classical Conversations) and … MFW (My Father’s World) and Abeka and Rod and Staff?

Are you choking, laughing, or cheering.  First of all, yes, to blend curricula is a dance I call DEATH or… educational engineering.

This may seem simple, but I created this page to bring comfort to people who feel like they should not need any other curriculum except CC Classical Conversations.  CC comforts people with the idea that you only need to do math and copywork at home, and they uphold the notion that “you don’t need a language program until Fourth Grade Essentials,” but I don’t think they are meaning to throw away the early childhood phonics. They mean the transition into nouns and verbs that begins around 3rd grade in some programs.

Ok, now that that’s off my chest!

This is an overall resource page of links to try to keep track of all the stuff I have posted about to keep things organized for you.

Why I do CC & MFW   (Classical Conversations and My Father’s World) 

How I do CC & MFW (Classical Conversations and My Father’s World)  (General)  //  Kindergarten // 1st Grade // 2nd & 3rd

Why & How I do CC & Abeka (Classical Conversations)

Why & How I do CC & Rod and Staff (Classical Conversations)



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