EDUCATIONAL ENGINEERING: This is a paradigm that rescued me both as a high school teacher AND a homeschooler. If you can’t walk up to a pre-loaded school year where each day you can walk up to it with a cup of coffee and it still works… you are headed for burnout FAST! (Sounds ridiculous. And that’s EXACTLY why I’m sharing this in a FREE PDF Guide + FREE PRINTABLES or take the CLASS and get MY TEMPLATES.¬†Get info about the independent notebooking management system I use to mix curriculum, check out EDUCATIONAL ENGINEERING free pDF guide and course!

ref=””>THE MOS IMPORTANT BOOK IN THE HOUSE!If your house looks like mine, I know your problem. Your kids can quote long sections of movies but not the words you most want them to meditate on! Even the Christian bookstores are filled with “100 skits, 100 games, 100 devotionals, but not “100 scriptures” your child can learn.” Download the FREE the Master Guide and get printables and a list of materials here.[/ca