WHY I DO Classical Conversations (CC) and My Father’s World (MFW) together

WHAT???? Isn’t that against the grain? No!

Here is why I blend Classical Conversations and My Father’s World.

The short answer: My Father’s World packages provide wonderful materials that I use to save me a bazillion trips, headaches, and fees if I rely on  the library and can match the CC cycles well.

The long answer:

I began this blog mostly for this post right here. I am continually amazed at the variety of styles, learning styles, family styles, cultures, subcultures, homeschooling styles. When I began searching out options for homeschooling,  everyone I asked  said such very different things.

Here is where I landed. (First the good news, then the troubleshooting).

To me, the two (CC & MFW) create the full package. They are seemingly on opposite ends of the spectrum:

One one side you have the beginning-focused,  kid-friendly, enjoyment-centered units of  My Father’s World with wonderful suggestions of family activities, connecting you to your neighborhood and world.


On the other side you have the end-focused, adult-friendly, academic-centered cycles of learning history facts and math tables at age 5 which will be used in high school.

Together, you get the rigor and accountability of a strong repetitive yet non-overlapping, academic program with Classical Conversations and also the touchy-feely mommy connection with my children with My Father’s World.

For me, it is my happy place! But there is a problem to solve here:

Isn’t CC a backbone meant to add nothing to it? Well up to 6th grade, there is only memory work. No novels, no essays. So yes.

But even in the early years (grammar stage) of CC, you are adding  reading and math…. and …. any supplemental reading/exploring your kid desires on the topics… and ….separate bible study if you so desire….

So do not flinch if someone says that “You shouldn’t have to use MFW alongside.”  For example, in Kindergarten and First Grade MFW has your math, reading, and bible blended together, so are a wonderful “package deal” to add to CC!  I was not piecing 4 programs together (math, bible, reading, CC), just 2 (MFW and CC).

[And as a sidenote, MFW uses the bible to teach reading in first grade and is one of the hugest blessings I have ever received!]

After that, beginning in second grade, MFW will begin to follow the CC cycles, and you will have to add reading and math.

The advantage to continuing to purchase MFW is that your supplemental materials on the topics come at one time in one box.  Now, some may say it is superfluous and that you are paying for a complete curriculum when you don’t intend to follow it to the T.  I disagree, finding the blessing of it worth the extra cost in whatever I do not use. Peace of mind for the homeschooling parent is a VALUABLE THING!