The Most Important Book in the House {Bible Study for Kids Beyond the Devotional}

You may say the bible is the most important book in the house, but in reality, is it? If your house looks like mine, I know your problem. Your kids can quote long humorous tidbits or songs, but not those enduring truths that you want to be taking root in their souls.

You want to do something about it, but aren’t sure how.

I reveal a free guide in this post, but here is another article to read if you missed it:  (10 ways to make the Bible the most important book in the house.)

Scriptures are usually learned in a non-systematic or thematic way in which kids memorize small “kid-friendly” bite-sized lines without the gift of context within the chapter, context within the entire Bible (old vs. new covenant), and context of timeline.

If you could give them a well-rounded bible education, you would want to teach them:

  • Good News Gospel Nuggets Passages
  • Topics from Foundations to Mysteries (baptism, repentence)
  • Chapter Structures (to teach “book” context)
  • Full Chapter Texts (to teach paragraph context)
  • Books of the Bible in their categories
  • The Entire Bible Timeline
  • Identity Basics in dividing the Old and New Covenants
  • Biblical Terminology taught in the context of being part of the Body of Christ

I put all of this (above) together in a master guide that is the Mother Ship of “The Most Important Book in the House” in a way that you can go deep or shallow, pick and choose or do it all.

Get the Master Guide

I would love to offer free downloads but also printed books for those who would rather purchase it printed! Stay tuned and I will be adding materials which make up the pieces of this mother ship over time

I’ve labeled the sets by color. The first set is blue.

The first Gospel Scripture book is now available in print on


Making the decision to home-school my children was not for this purpose alone, but it was certainly going to make it easier.

For years this was my goal, but I couldn’t get around to doing it.  I didn’t set out to do this, really, but I was so alarmed to discover a blind spot in children’s supplemental educational material, that the burden of doing nothing soon inspired me to start with anything! I had searched the shelves of Christian bookstores which -are full of “100 Bible skits”, “100 Bible games”, “100 Bible lessons,” but not 100 Bible scriptures for kids to learn, much less passages, or big chunks!

First of all I encourage you in any method, whatever you are doing, to keep at it…and share with me what is going on at your house on this topic! I have found in talking openly about it, I gain wisdom from families I meet!

I started writing songs to small and large chunks of scripture, so I organized it in a sort of classical method, in goals that made sense to me, inspired by the Classical Method I learned through Classical Conversations.



3 thoughts on “The Most Important Book in the House {Bible Study for Kids Beyond the Devotional}

  1. This is GREAT!!! I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I have been browsing around in my spare time! I can only click from one post to the next in order so I was wondering if you ever created material for Cycles 2 and 3? Thank you SO much for sharing this great Bible Study material! You are right that it is hard to find studies for kids, but even more difficult to find identity based studies that correctly divide the Word by Old and New Covenant.

    1. Amanda I just posted the “in process” link to Year 2 which I have been doing. I have materials for Year 1 coming and some for year 2 that I used…especially the lists of the Chapter Structures which I have not posted yet. If I can get it together I’d like to do a video of what it is that I’m doing with chanting the chapter structures. But no matter what or how we do what we’re doing, just keeping at this–holding up this subject as of more importance than others, we can’t go wrong!

  2. Love, love, love these! Especially excited about the Romans cards. Romans is so key to life. Sometimes hard to share with the little ones though. Thanks for making it accessible.

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