Why and How I do CC (Classical Conversations) and Abeka

I’ll just say it. I did NOT want to like Abeka. I’d heard it was full of busy work and a HEAVY load since it was mostly made for Christian schools.

When I went to a local book event to look at their books, however, I was won over by the colorful, fun materials.

For almost all math and language, (with the exception of some Rod and Staff) I began to use Abeka exclusively.

Now, language arts is tricky and can mean handwriting, reading, phonics, writing, etc.

Here is what I used:

Abeka Handwriting

Abeka Phonics

Abeka lanuage up to 2nd grade. (In 3rd they transfer to nouns and verbs which are covered in CC Essentials)

Abeka Math

Abeka colorful science books (used as readers)

A few of the books for reading. (I let my kids go to the Abeka book-viewing event and let them pick out a few.)

If it seems intense…like, how do you blend it all together..that is what I consider a feat in educational engineering.  (You can get my step-by-step guide on how I do it there.)

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