Welcome to the newly renovated joninichols.net

On the dusty back roads of your life, I hope you’ve found my humble abode here the perfect stopping place for a little rest and re-direction.

Some of you have followed my websites over the years as they have morphed and changed, maybe first knowing me as a songwriter, teacher, or writer. You know I love to uncover and reveal what gets overlooked and pushed aside. I’ve tried to put it all together here via  a music roomschool room, and of course the ongoing blog {rooftop} of stories on the actual-not-theoretical intersection of life and faith.

I’m IMG_0903.JPG wrapping up an era with reflections on an adventurous decade of music and ministry, {a series called  Ministry out of Molehills}.

Or catch up with some readers’ favorites of the past.

photo(21) copy 2 After that, I look forward to continuing diving into some of the topics/categories here: {To get invitations into these topics and updates from other “rooms” of this site, subscribe below}

  • confronting the “live- in-a-box-for Jesus” mentality of my youth in the kicking-and-screaming transition into wife and mother of 3
  • surviving the crash of Old Covenant despair into New Covenant hope–details which were life-and-death for me when my world melted down in a year-long spiritual wrestling match which I lost to chronic fatigue syndrome. It is the life-changing  foundations of understanding the good news gospel of Jesus.
  • my transition into knowing God as our Healer… from Cessationist (thinking we can’t really expect healings anymore). My own mother died of brain cancer when I was still in my 20s. So what I have discovered about healing is a powerful topic for me. I know some will be interested in these healing beginnings conversations.
  • the discovery of experiencing redemption, not just in words and theory but in power and reality–through that inch of difference between wishing and believing.
  • my  scary journey of faith transitioning from working mom to stay-at-home mom through which I saw Gods faithfulness even when I failed to receive it
  • the journey of deciding to move from educating other people’s children as a high school teacher of ten years to home-educating my own {Read that story here}
  • how we stayed married through the years of the deadlock disaster of the “loud unsubmissive woman” and “the quiet submissive man.”

I hope our lives intersect in meaningful ways!


To learn more about me, my background, or where I’m coming from, go here.

“What I tell you in the dark, speak in the daylight; what is whispered in your ear, proclaim from the roofs.” Matthew 10:27

“I keep Sheer Drapes on My Windows; it seems I cannot decide whether they reveal or obscure.”–Ruth Simons, artist and creator of GraceLaced

{photo by Jessie Goss}

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