Wild Hymn II: All Days Sacred



I tiptoed through this process. I wanted to share the old songs with my crew, my people.It’ s what I do. This’ll be effortless. But each time, a stone wall came up and a new song came out.  I kept thinking… This isn’t ideal. I can’t sing today a song I wrote yesterday. How pretentious. It’s not tried and true. It’s not practiced up. It’s not “legitimate.”  Maybe it’s not the “RIGHT” one to sing….I mean,   my personality is about to crash into this sacred space, and I’m not sure it’s going to fit.


And then I would see it…  it would happen, like a fresh air coming in the room, better, unique, special, precisely because it was that “song of today” …. like manna, that expires.


Being inspired to trust your authentic expression in whatever form it comes, is a rare thing in a loud world of conformity. (I’m not talking just about music of course.)  And it’s not just conformity, but fear because of past conflicts of what happened when our personality crashed into someone else’s! Can I get an amen?   We start to hold back/push down, or get fed up and bitter and say, “To [beep] with it!  I’m [full force] going to stop dealing with other people! “   I like to go to the piano and hide sometimes. Just being honest.


In the overwhelm of  overconnectedness, we keep it all at bay with our pre-set expectations and post-produced image, shutting out  the authentic expression of today.

We are reaching for the past or impatient about the future, never thinking that the best of life could be in how


God wants to meet with us today. Today? Today is a bust. It’s half-gone.  It’s just not the right time.  Just not feelin’ it.  

We have so many reasons to not believe that what the infinite God is pulsing through our limited hearts to give to the world is appropriate, enough.  I hope this project inspires you to re-think that! His voice in your heart…today, moving you to express that thing, that thought…today.

If today’s expires, there’s more manna tomorrow.  Pick it up and eat it. Jesus said, “I am the manna.” 

He is the mind and heart of TODAY.  What we seek is here TODAY.  His voice in our ear we need to hear is.. TODAY.

These are the rhema songs of the past year.  The “sing a new song” songs. The “I want to connect with God right NOW, not relying on yesterday’s song to do that.” The  “All days sacred” songs.

I can’t wait to share them with you.

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tori polariod question


{I’ve reached out to my friend, Tori Dodds, and asked if I could feature her photography for this project.} 


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